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USITT Hosts Next Generation of Theatre Professionals

Turning Star opened in 1998 with the goal of simplifying the flame retardant process for theatre professionals.  Very soon after we became a member of USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology), as our mission aligned with theirs: helping the current and next generation of technical theater professionals maintain a comprehensive and responsible safety plan that incorporates best practices for the flame retardant treatment of soft goods, props, and sets, and certification of fire retardancy for their venues, shows, and events.

Since joining USITT in 1999, we've forged lasting and prosperous relationships with many educational and professional theaters as a result of our USITT membership and attendance at annual conferences. 

After spending several years focused on product development, it was time to bring these products to our main customer base in the NY/NJ/CT area and beyond.  In renewing our USITT membership, we have renewed our enthusiasm for this vital organization and their support of proper fire safety.

We'll be at booth #227 at this year's USITT conference in Cincinnati March 18-21, and look forward to re-connecting our customers to our core services and new products, so please stop by.

Here's a preview of our demo...