Fire Retardant Treatment

Does your fabric need fire retardant treatment (a.k.a. "flameproofing")?

Some fabrics come from the manufacturer already treated with fire retardant, but most textiles do not.

We specialize in fire retardant treatment of curtains and short runs of custom fabric rolls, less than 1,000 yards, with many customers sending 30 to 100 yards. Depending on volume, our usual turnaround time is one week.

What about scenery, props, or room decor of paper, wood or foam?  Upholstery or carpeting for an assembly hall, school, or church?

Turning Star will deliver a custom fire retardant treatment – on site or at our location – for your specific items  - so you’re in compliance with local and national fire codes.

Why do we "treat" things, instead of "flameproof" them? 

Flameproofing is actually a misnomer; everything can burn or melt if it's hot enough.  Instead, we say we "treat" or apply flame resistance, just like a coating to make something water resistant.

Your place or ours, Turning Star is your one stop for all your fire retardant treatment needs.

We also offer flame testing and fire code certification and shepherd you through the bureaucratic maze of state and municipal fire codes.