Fire Resistance Services

If you are an event producer, store or restaurant owner, or interior designer, you need reliable and qualified fire resistance services to keep your investment and your customers safe.

Turning Star will deliver the fire resistance services you need – on site or at our location – to be in compliance with local and national fire codes.

Fire Resistance Services include…

  • Recommendation and management of fire testing and certification.
  • Fire retardant treatment and application, (formerly called "flameproofing") from raw materials to finished products.
  • Service to a wide variety of industries including Aviation, Automotive, Construction/Interior Design and Entertainment.
  • Flame retardant protection services recognized by fire departments across the United States.
  • Excellent workmanship, experience, and commitment to personalized service.
“Turning Star understands our needs and always provides excellent service. They provide high quality work and help us find solutions even when the  job is difficult. We trust Turning Star  to get the job done properly, within our  schedule, every time.”
- Denis Tremblay and Martin Savard, Cirque du Soleil
(formerly called ‘flameproofing’), from raw materials to finished products.