Flame Resistance Testing

Complete flame resistance testing for compliance with NFPA 701, CA 1237.1, and NYC R805

Are your flammable materials in compliance?

A few possible scenarios:

  • your materials may be fire resistant but the documentation may be lost
  • the documentation may be from a different country
  • the certification has expired
  • you’re not sure if the material has been treated or not
  • you weren’t aware that you had to have your materials certified

What happens next:

  • If you think the materials have been treated, we do a burn test with a sample.
  • If the material passes the applicable standards, a certificate of fire resistance is provided.
  • If materials do not pass, treatment options are provided.
  • Testing and treatment continue until your material passes.

Combine your flame resistance testing with our fire code certificate and application management, and you’ll never have to worry about being in compliance again.