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Jimmy Fallon's Set Passes Flame Test

Turning Star Moves to Late Night

When NBC revamped the Rockefeller Center set for the premiere of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they turned to Turning Star to provide flame retardant application services.

A quick turnaround was required for the new blue monolog curtain for the top of the show. Turning Star was also responsible for flame resistance treatment of The Tonight Show’s guest chairs and couches. Before any application began, Turning Star extensively tested sample pieces to determine the best-suited fire retardant product with zero shrinkage.

In addition, Turning Star utilized a specialized penetrating agent to allow the flame retardant chemical to fully coat the wool threads; without it, the flame retardant chemical would bead up, remain on the surface, and dry as little concentrated white dots. Our efforts enabled Jimmy Fallon's new set to pass the flame test with flying colors.

Turning Star was pleased to be a part of bringing The Tonight Show back to New York City!