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A Day in The Life

Here's a peak of the fire retardant jobs that come through our shop and the flame resistance applications we do on a typical day.

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Fire Retardant Challenge: No Man's Land

Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shuler Hensley, and Billy Crudup in No Man's Land. (© Joan Marcus)

Here's one from our "most challenging" project archive.  

In 2013, No Man's Land / Waiting for Godot, starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan came to the Cort Theatre from London's West End. One of our tasks was to fireproof the window panels that made up the back wall of Hirst's study in No Man's Land. (Photo Credit: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shuler Hensley, and Billy Crudup in No Man's Land. © Joan Marcus)

The part that made the job challenging was that each panel had a rear projection screen that couldn't get wet. The stakes were just a little higher when we only had a few extras of the 189 panels to practice with.

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EPA's Integrated Risk Information System Improving

EPA Integrated Risk Information System Getting Better

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Still Evolving

NCR recommendations are designed to improve the IRIS process to deliver timely, high-quality, and credible chemical risk assessments.

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Understanding ANSI Safety Signs and Colors

High voltage… biohazard… wet floor… radioactive materials… the effectiveness of safety signs like these relies upon consistency and bold, graphic impact to warn people against specific hazards and personal injury.

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Commercial Drapery Flame Retardant Treatment & Certification

When is the last time your drapery had a flame retardant treatment?

It might seem like yesterday, but unless you're enrolled in a fire safety maintenance program, your fire resistance certificate has probably expired.

In hotels, restaurants, schools, event halls, cinemas – wherever there are curtains and the public – Turning Star has worked with the facility's manager to keep their customers and audiences safe.

Not only can Turning Star make your decorative fabrics flame resistant, we'll clean them first!

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