The Future of Flame Retardants

Top Three Discoveries in Flame Retardants 

Flame retardants are a key component in reducing the devastating impact of fires on people, property, and the environment. The term “flame retardant” refers to a function, not a family of chemicals. A variety of different chemicals, with different properties and structures, act as flame retardants and these chemicals are often combined for effectiveness. Traditionally, the most common elements in flame retardants are bromine, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Inorganic compounds, either alone or as part of a flame retardant system, are also used.

Recent years have seen the emergence of green flame retardants such as Turning Star's Flame Guardian, an eco-friendly, halogen-free, and 0% VOC product. Now, scientists and students point to three areas of promising research using sound waves, caseins, and bio-coatings that could potentially change the flame retardant industry.

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Turning Star Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants and the Construction Industry

Flame Retardants Ensure Safer Buildings

Flame retardants are used in building materials and products to meet important fire safety standards and codes. Flame retardants are designed to stop or slow the spread of fire, and provide critical escape time.

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Q & A on the Necessity of Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants

Q: What are the protective benefits of flame retardants?

A: Flame retardants play a unique role in fire prevention and fire safety. They not only prevent fires from starting, but if a fire does occur, they slow down the spread of the fire and improve the opportunity for safe escape. Their role in delaying flashover, for example, is especially critical to escaping the deadly consequences of fire. Flashover occurs when every flammable object in a room bursts into flames at the same time as a result of a combination of intense heat and the release of flammable gases. This can occur in just a few minutes, and flame retardants’ function in slowing this process down can be the difference between life and death.

The benefits of flame retardants are well documented in studies and in real life examples.

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Furniture and Flame Retardants

Turning Star Fire Retardants

Flame Retardants Provide Important Layer of Protection For Furnishings

The addition of flame retardants to furnishings allows them to meet important fire safety standards and requirements designed to keep the public safe.  When Flame retardants are added to fabrics and fillings, they work to help reduce the rate at which they burn and can prevent a fire from spreading.

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USITT Hosts Next Generation of Theatre Professionals

Turning Star opened in 1998 with the goal of simplifying the flame retardant process for theatre professionals.  Very soon after we became a member of USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology), as our mission aligned with theirs: helping the current and next generation of technical theater professionals maintain a comprehensive and responsible safety plan that incorporates best practices for the flame retardant treatment of soft goods, props, and sets, and certification of fire retardancy for their venues, shows, and events.

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