Flame Retardants Get Fashionable

Turning Star helps top designers Tommy Hilfiger and Vera Wang at 2014 NYC Fashion Week

Tommy Hilfiger's Park Avenue Armory transformation called for 30 custom faux azalea shrubs and 30 custom faux ficus and pine trees, ranging from seven to eighteen feet tall.

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Welcoming His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tibetan decor receives flame retardant certification

Since 2006, whenever His Holiness the Dalai Lama teaches publicly in New York City, Turning Star has donated fire retardant testing, treatment, and certification services.

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Natural Chemicals vs. Manufactured Chemicals

The terms "chemical" and "poison" have become interchangeable in the popular consciousness and as a result the whole subject of chemistry has become tainted with unpleasant connotations. But what if "natural" chemicals were just as dangerous, perhaps even more so?

In May of 2014 the campaign group Sense About Science joined the discussion with the publication of a guide, Making Sense of Chemical Stories.

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NFPA Fire Loss Statistics

Since 85% of all civilian fire deaths occur as a result of a home fire, residential safety initiatives remain the key to reductions in the overall fire death toll.

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