NFPA Fire Loss Statistics

Since 85% of all civilian fire deaths occur as a result of a home fire, residential safety initiatives remain the key to reductions in the overall fire death toll.

Recommended Fire Safety Initiatives:

  • Additional widespread public fire safety education on how to prevent fires and avoid serious injury or death if a fire occurs.
  • Information on the common causes of fatal home fires should continue to be used in the design of fire safety education messages.
  • Proper installation and maintenance of smoke detectors.
  • Development and practice of escape plans.
  • Wider use of residential sprinklers.
  • Make home products more fire-safe, like child-resistant lighters and cigarettes with reduced ignition strength.
  • The wider use of flame retardant upholstered furniture and mattresses.
  • Meet special fire safety needs of high-risk groups, such as children, older adults, the poor, and people with disabilities.

Key Findings of NFPA Fire Loss Report

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